Saturday, October 16, 2010

Toast printer. You know you want one!

If the medium is the message, I'm not exactly sure what you'll be conveying by custom-printing your toast. Time for breakfast, perhaps? In any case, the Zuse toaster allows you to burn custom images into your toast. While it could conceivably be used for, say, a pancake house to print their logo as a fun twist, I prefer to think about the possible communication uses. Text messaging is so early 2000's; I want to see toast messaging. Imagine being broken up with via toast. Or writing directions on a piece of toast, then eating said toast once you arrive at your destination. Perhaps an office where all the memos are printed on toast. It would make the workplace, dare I say, a more delicious place to be. Sound unrealistic? Well, they called Galileo a fool when he said the earth revolves around the sun, and look how that turned out