Monday, September 19, 2011

Jesus fuck! I'm so tired of women who put their stupid babies as their profile picture on Facebook. Yeah, we get it.. you like your fucking baby. Way to sacrifice all your individuality over it, though. Are you no longer you anymore? Are you simply an extension of your offspring? Is your purpose in life over now?

And a lot of people find old connections, high school friends, etc, via Facebook due to the fact that you can search for someone by name. But it's a little hard to confirm you're the old friend someone is looking for when all they see is a dumb baby instead of you.

And look at this chick's page. Really? Do we need that many pictures of your baby? I get the whole "dont want a miss a moment" thing, taking tons of pictures. But people don't realize if the pictures aren't THEIR loved ones or THEIR memories, then we don't give a fuck about seeing them over and over and over. Ok, I saw a picture of your baby. Wonderful. I dont need to see the baby again turned 1/8th of an inch to the right. To me, it's the same fucking picture! You want to take 24 photos of your baby a second? Great. Do it, and stuff them in a shoebox. Don't annoy everyone else with them.

tl;dr - Have some fucking individuality!