Monday, August 15, 2011

Fucking retards.... literally!

For the 2nd time in my life, I met a retarded woman that I would actually have sex with. And the alcohol coursing through my veins is helping me not even give a fuck that I just said that.

First off, she had a normal looking head. That's worth pointing out, because most retards have a head/face that is blatantly obvious they are one of God's mistakes. But she didn't have that. If you saw her on the street, you wouldn't even detect that she's retarded. Secondly, she wasn't grossly fat. Most retards are also obese, but she wasn't so much. A little chubby, but in is this 67%-of-Americans-are-obese-world, who isn't?

And just think of how it would be to bone a tard.... they wouldn't want to talk afterwards like normal chicks. They would just leave you the fuck alone and go back to their toys or TV or something.... probably with your jizz still dripping off their face.

Also, they have the adult time frame of life experience, which probably includes years of pent up desire. You know what I mean? They still have that curiosity like a teenage girl, just in an adult body. If they saw a guy jerking off in the park, they would probably grin and watch him finish, instead of calling the cops. They would probably do whatever you tell them to do. She was sooo fucking happy to serve me ice cream. Just think how happy she'd be to suck my cock after so many years of wondering about what boys have between their legs. She'd be my "special" sex slave.

Which brings me to my next point. How exactly does one go about initiating a mission to fuck a retard. I can't imagine most have a cellphone or email address. And the constant hovering of their almost-always-female-motherly caretaker/authority-figure would never allow me to to try to advance anyway. So how does one fuck a bangable retard chick anyway? Maybe I should start a dating website for that.... single tard chicks and the freaky guys that want to bang them. Just need a domain name...

Yes, I'm a demented asshole to my core, in case you still had any doubt.