Monday, September 19, 2011

Jesus fuck! I'm so tired of women who put their stupid babies as their profile picture on Facebook. Yeah, we get it.. you like your fucking baby. Way to sacrifice all your individuality over it, though. Are you no longer you anymore? Are you simply an extension of your offspring? Is your purpose in life over now?

And a lot of people find old connections, high school friends, etc, via Facebook due to the fact that you can search for someone by name. But it's a little hard to confirm you're the old friend someone is looking for when all they see is a dumb baby instead of you.

And look at this chick's page. Really? Do we need that many pictures of your baby? I get the whole "dont want a miss a moment" thing, taking tons of pictures. But people don't realize if the pictures aren't THEIR loved ones or THEIR memories, then we don't give a fuck about seeing them over and over and over. Ok, I saw a picture of your baby. Wonderful. I dont need to see the baby again turned 1/8th of an inch to the right. To me, it's the same fucking picture! You want to take 24 photos of your baby a second? Great. Do it, and stuff them in a shoebox. Don't annoy everyone else with them.

tl;dr - Have some fucking individuality!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fucking retards.... literally!

For the 2nd time in my life, I met a retarded woman that I would actually have sex with. And the alcohol coursing through my veins is helping me not even give a fuck that I just said that.

First off, she had a normal looking head. That's worth pointing out, because most retards have a head/face that is blatantly obvious they are one of God's mistakes. But she didn't have that. If you saw her on the street, you wouldn't even detect that she's retarded. Secondly, she wasn't grossly fat. Most retards are also obese, but she wasn't so much. A little chubby, but in is this 67%-of-Americans-are-obese-world, who isn't?

And just think of how it would be to bone a tard.... they wouldn't want to talk afterwards like normal chicks. They would just leave you the fuck alone and go back to their toys or TV or something.... probably with your jizz still dripping off their face.

Also, they have the adult time frame of life experience, which probably includes years of pent up desire. You know what I mean? They still have that curiosity like a teenage girl, just in an adult body. If they saw a guy jerking off in the park, they would probably grin and watch him finish, instead of calling the cops. They would probably do whatever you tell them to do. She was sooo fucking happy to serve me ice cream. Just think how happy she'd be to suck my cock after so many years of wondering about what boys have between their legs. She'd be my "special" sex slave.

Which brings me to my next point. How exactly does one go about initiating a mission to fuck a retard. I can't imagine most have a cellphone or email address. And the constant hovering of their almost-always-female-motherly caretaker/authority-figure would never allow me to to try to advance anyway. So how does one fuck a bangable retard chick anyway? Maybe I should start a dating website for that.... single tard chicks and the freaky guys that want to bang them. Just need a domain name...

Yes, I'm a demented asshole to my core, in case you still had any doubt.

Friday, June 17, 2011

iTunes sucks ass.

It's well known iTunes adds a lot of services and crap on your PC. As an avid gamer, I want as little as possible running in the background to help my games' performance. I dont want iTunes swamping up my PC.

Second, the notion of being able to add / access files from only one or a few PC's is  idiotic. It's not going to stop piracy. Even with my no-name-brand mp3 player, I dont take it over to my friend's place and swap a bunch of mp3s. People are still going to download the music illegally and then just transfer to it their ipod via iTunes. Disallowing access to the ipod from any PC wont stop the problem in the's just a huge inconvenience.

I'm at work right now and just downloaded a podcast that I'd really love to put on my ipod and listen to when i go for a walk at lunch time. But thats right... I cant because I have no way of getting it on my ipod while Im here at work. This was a shitty decision by Apple imo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey now...oh wait.

I swear I think advertisers are doing this intentionally. I see banner ads on the web all the time that catch my attention because from the corner of your eye, they look like something dirty, so you look. Advertisers know sex sells, so I think this is 100% purposeful. Look at the Adobe ad below just with your peripheral vision and tell me it doesn't look like a set of boobs with a low cut top. I'm on to you, advertisers!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A recent study has shown that compared to a similar study conducted 12 years ago, America's youth is suffering strokes at an alarming increase: in the age group 5-14, strokes increased 31% in males and 36% in females.

Lose some goddam weight, fatties!

Monday, February 7, 2011


After digging around on the web, I finally found out how to reconnect this wireless Logitech MX Revolution mouse with its receiver. It doesn't have a reset/connect button on it, so instead this is what you have to do:

- Turn on mouse
- Hold left button down while turning off mouse
- Continue holding left while turning back on
- Continue holding left while clicking right exactly 5 times
- Release left

WTF? It has 7 buttons and 2 wheels, and they couldn't put a fucking connect button on it?? What were they thinking?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Velocity Cruz Micro R101 Android-powered e-reader / tablet

So I bought this thing... here's their little commerical for it:

So what do I think about it? Well it's more than an e-reader but less than a tablet. Some weird area in betwen. But the price was right, so I'll keep it around.

1. Well, my first and biggest complaint is the screen. It even says in the user manual, that the screen uses the old resistive touch technology instead of the newer heat-sensitive touch technology you get with things like Droids, iPhones, iPad, etc. So you have to push much harder to get your touches to register. And that filmy touch-sensitive layer makes the screen a little more cloudy and not so crisp.

2. So far I haven't been able to get an SD card to work properly with it. It has a standard size SD card slot. I currently only have micro-SD cards with adapters to make them full size. But trying them all in the Cruz, it just keeps saying "Card blank or unrecognized format. Do you want to Format the card?" I dont know if this is because it's actually a micro-SD in an adapter, but I would think it shouldn't matter. But then, if I say Yes, format the card (hoping this will make it usable with the Cruz), it just does nothing and never formats the card.

This isn't a huge issue since it has 4 GB internal and books are small, but 4 GB wont last long if I want to put movies on there.

3. This is the biggest complaint of Cruz owners: They dont allow the device to access the Android app market. Instead they only give you limited access to the "Cruz Market" with only a handful of lame apps. So the only way you're going to put good apps on it is if your techie enough to figure how to download them through other means (piracy, underground sites, etc) and manually transfer them to the Cruz via cable or SD card. Even then, the apps weren't written for the Cruz specifically so sometimes they wont install properly. I've had hit-or-miss success with this.

4. The only movie format it will play is MPEG. If you download movies a lot, you know the most popular format theyre in is Divx. So you have to run your movies through a converter if you want to play them on the Cruz. I did have luck converting them using Total Video Converter 3.11 (search torrents) to convert Divx to mp4, which the Cruz will play. But with a full-length movie, this conversion process takes a long time. *angry face*

5. It only comes with one e-reader app, the Barnes & Noble one. If you want to read epubs, guess what? You'll have to load a different reader app. I had to try 3 before I got one that would properly read epubs. I'd recommend getting the apps: "FBReader" and "txtr"

6. There's other little annoyances that I'll glob together in this bullet-point. You can add the typical Android widgets to the desktop... one of these being an analog clock. But the clock is off by an hour... yet the system time at the top of the screen shows the proper time! Why does it have one clock wrong and one right? It's not like there's any options to set the time on the analog clock, it's supposed to get the time from the system. So why is it getting the wrong time, when the system has the right time? Whaterver.

Also if you just put the device in standby, I'm finding in about 5 minutes it turns itself back on! Just barely... you have to take it into a dark room to see that the screen is just barely back on, but it is. And it won't seem to turn back off on it's own. So when Im done using it I have to totally power it down instead of just letting it standby so it doesnt kill the battery. This is annoying because it takes a good minute or so to boot back up.

Some of the reader apps take a good 30 seconds to open a book. Once it's open, you're fine, but expect an initial wait.

There's no way to access the battery. When it gets older and doesn't hold its charge as well, I'd like to be able to replace it, but no such luck.. looks like they took the Apple approach here.

- Well, it's got Android. The OS is powerful and fast.

- Battery life does seem to be what they boast, at least while it's new. They claim a half-hour charge gets you 10 hours. So far, it's delivering. I read some other review where someone said they even made it play a looping movie till the battery died, and it did last about 10 hours. Nice!

- Speakers aren't bad. Loud enough for one to hear a movie comfortably. Has an earphone jack also.

- Being able to read in the dark is a plus for me.

For the buck, it's not bad. But if I had known about the cons listed here, I'd probably would not have gotten it. Instead I wouldve spent a little more for a device with a heat-touch screen and access to the app market for starters.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ugh. People fucking annoy me. I know this is something that shouldn't get to me, but I'm just irked how people are sometimes.

So I bought this Android powered tablet the other day from TigerDirect, and they sent me a fucking refurbished model. I didnt see that anywhere on the item description page when I bought it, but moving on... they didn't even format it. It still had shit leftover from the previous owner, including some of her emails! Furthermore, it still had here email password saved into it, which was apparently still correct because it was actively downloading NEW mail for her. Normally, I would allow this to continue since I'm mischievous and this was like a free break-in into someone's email. But they were all just so boring! About crafts and chuch choir and dresses....blah blah blah. So I deleted the account. I googled the chick's email address and found she's part of this military-spouses club.

Then I got the wild idea of emailing her to tell her I had the tablet she once owed. I dont know, I would think it's cool if someone did that to me... kiud of like a message in a bottle, or ... you know, it's cool to see how an object travels and whose lives it comes in contact with. Whatever.

So I write her...
From: David
To: cindy
Subject: Hi

Hi there,

I'm David.. you don't know me, but apparently I just bought the Velocity Micro tablet you used to own. I just bought it from and it came with some of your emails still on it. Don't worry, nothing personal, and I already deleted them.

I'm quite sure I ordered a new one, not a refurbished one, so that's weird. I'm taking it up with tigerdirect now. I'm also surprised at them for not factory-resetting it to blank everything out. Usually tiger is a very good and reputable company. Anyway, can I ask what was wrong with it that you sent it back? And how did you like it overall?
I should have known better... knowing I was emailing a religious military wife. I got this reply later that night..
From: Way


The error of my wife's emails still being on the tablet is mine. I guess I did not wipe it correctly. It was purchased as a gift and recently returned to TigerDirect. I have usually had good results from TD, so I am just as surprised as you are that they did not do a factory reinstall.

The reason that it was returned was that it was not supported by the official Google Android Marketplace; making many of the apps she wanted to run unavailable. The system would not support the newer version of the Nook app, forcing me to find an older version through a list-serve that would run on the Velocity Micro. It seemed to be fast, but too limited. We returned it, bought her a Toshiba Netbook; and she is much happier.

I bought a MID Android tablet through a different company and I am much happier with it than she was with the Velocity. It runs all the official apps and is quite fast. Battery life is always an issue, but it lasted in airplane mode non-stop coast-to-coast last week so that is fine with me.

Thanks for deleting the emails and letting her know.

Yes, that's really his name lol. Anyway, what makes me scowl is I could almost just see how this went down at their churchy household on the military base...

"Honey, honey, I got an email... from a man, a stranger, honey, it's a man that's isnt my husband. You better come reply to this. God forbid I write back to another man, even though it's just a conversation about a dumb gadget."

I know, maybe she deferred to her husband because she isnt technical enough to explain it or something, but I just keep seeing the above scenario in my head instead. These people annoy me.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Think I'm going to turn this into just a personal blog. So if you're following me, I wouldn't blame ya for dropping me. Take it easy, it's been fun!

If you're sticking around, I hopefully will at least keep it interesting. I usually want to write about an elaborate prank or hack I did, or something absurd I experienced, etc. Should be an interesting little ride.

Ready? Lets blogging!
(obvious engrish pun)