Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ugh. People fucking annoy me. I know this is something that shouldn't get to me, but I'm just irked how people are sometimes.

So I bought this Android powered tablet the other day from TigerDirect, and they sent me a fucking refurbished model. I didnt see that anywhere on the item description page when I bought it, but moving on... they didn't even format it. It still had shit leftover from the previous owner, including some of her emails! Furthermore, it still had here email password saved into it, which was apparently still correct because it was actively downloading NEW mail for her. Normally, I would allow this to continue since I'm mischievous and this was like a free break-in into someone's email. But they were all just so boring! About crafts and chuch choir and dresses....blah blah blah. So I deleted the account. I googled the chick's email address and found she's part of this military-spouses club.

Then I got the wild idea of emailing her to tell her I had the tablet she once owed. I dont know, I would think it's cool if someone did that to me... kiud of like a message in a bottle, or ... you know, it's cool to see how an object travels and whose lives it comes in contact with. Whatever.

So I write her...
From: David
To: cindy
Subject: Hi

Hi there,

I'm David.. you don't know me, but apparently I just bought the Velocity Micro tablet you used to own. I just bought it from and it came with some of your emails still on it. Don't worry, nothing personal, and I already deleted them.

I'm quite sure I ordered a new one, not a refurbished one, so that's weird. I'm taking it up with tigerdirect now. I'm also surprised at them for not factory-resetting it to blank everything out. Usually tiger is a very good and reputable company. Anyway, can I ask what was wrong with it that you sent it back? And how did you like it overall?
I should have known better... knowing I was emailing a religious military wife. I got this reply later that night..
From: Way


The error of my wife's emails still being on the tablet is mine. I guess I did not wipe it correctly. It was purchased as a gift and recently returned to TigerDirect. I have usually had good results from TD, so I am just as surprised as you are that they did not do a factory reinstall.

The reason that it was returned was that it was not supported by the official Google Android Marketplace; making many of the apps she wanted to run unavailable. The system would not support the newer version of the Nook app, forcing me to find an older version through a list-serve that would run on the Velocity Micro. It seemed to be fast, but too limited. We returned it, bought her a Toshiba Netbook; and she is much happier.

I bought a MID Android tablet through a different company and I am much happier with it than she was with the Velocity. It runs all the official apps and is quite fast. Battery life is always an issue, but it lasted in airplane mode non-stop coast-to-coast last week so that is fine with me.

Thanks for deleting the emails and letting her know.

Yes, that's really his name lol. Anyway, what makes me scowl is I could almost just see how this went down at their churchy household on the military base...

"Honey, honey, I got an email... from a man, a stranger, honey, it's a man that's isnt my husband. You better come reply to this. God forbid I write back to another man, even though it's just a conversation about a dumb gadget."

I know, maybe she deferred to her husband because she isnt technical enough to explain it or something, but I just keep seeing the above scenario in my head instead. These people annoy me.

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